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Breast Cancer

I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient. The disease has weakened my body, which forced me to stop working and stay home. There are also signs that the cancer cell in the affected area is moving towards the other side of my breast.  After taking Life Oil, I felt so much stronger that I was able to go out again and do my regular work and chores.  The cancer wound has stopped worsening.  I am continuously taking the Life Oil capsules until such time that I may undergo an operation to remove the already affected area.

- Margarita Umali, 53, Quezon Province


I am a breast cancer survivor. I cannot afford to weaken my immune system. To be able to cope with my usual chores, I always take Life Oil capsules.

- Pearl Imperial, Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc.


She has a stage 2 breast cancer. Her doctor cannot give her assurance that she will get well with chemo therapy, that's why she decided to make her own research on nutrition and healing through natural products. She used a lot of products since 2009. She even tried the expensive ones that ranges up to P60,000.00 for a month of use. She tried Life Oil for a week and she immediately felt a lot of improvement. She assured that she will not talk about it if she did not feel and experience the benefit from Life Oil. According to her, Life Oil is far more affordable compared to other potent natural products.

- Rowena R. Enderes, 46, School Administrator  


Lactating Mother

I used to take the powdered malunggay capsule to increase my milk production. I heard about the potency of Life Oil capsules and tried it. Surprisingly my milk production has increased to 8 ounces. This is 4 times the usual 2 ounces milk I got while taking the powdered form.

- Celine Regala, Valenzuela


I decided to try the famed Life Oil. I've been hearing the good reviews about this from fellow mommies. They say it really helps with their (breastfeeding) supply. I've been taking this for only 5 days, 1x a day and I can already see the results. I can still get the same amount while pumping (4oz), yet there is something significantly different—I now feel engorged, which has never happened to me in more than 2 months. Let me assure you, this hasn't happened before taking malunggay caps. Also, I am not paid nor did I get anything from Life Oil in writing this post. 

 - Maria Masungit



My blood sugar level used to be 400. I am almost blind and my legs are already numb. I was already feeling hopeless. After taking Life Oil for two weeks, my blood sugar dropped to 140 and my legs began to feel pain again. I felt blood circulation in my legs and the color has significantly improved. Though my eyes have not fully recovered, I can see a lot better now.  As of this moment, my blood sugar is already at 95 which is more controllable

- Marissa Cruz


My father was an insulin-dependent diabetic prior to taking Life Oil. He was injecting at least 20 lantus insulin and was brought to the ICU. He looked really unhealthy and always felt weak.  After taking Life Oil, his doctor was surprised to see very dramatic improvements in his medical profile and his insulin requirement went down to 5 lantus. He is so much stronger and active again.

- Celeste Magsino, Calicanto, Batangas


Suffering from diabetes for a long time, I felt a lot of health problems like feeling weak and problems urinating. After taking Life Oil, I immediately felt better, more energized, the glow of my skin came back, and I was relieved of my urinating problems.  I am very happy with this product and will definitely share this with my friends and relatives.

- Rudy Evaristo, Sampaloc, Manila


I have been taking Life Oil since last December 2010 to control my blood sugar level. I have noticed that whenever I take Life Oil with my regular meals, my blood sugar does not shoot up even right after meals.   I also have a cyst on my right foot that has been there for years and I just noticed last February that it is no longer there.

- Jose J.  Lumibao, Quezon City


My daughter was diagnosed Juvenile Diabetes (type 1 diabetes). It came as a surprise one day when she felt really sick and we had to bring her to the hospital. She was brought immediately to the children’s intensive care unit. Her blood sugar level was at 600. The doctor told us that a slight delay of medical attention could have put my daughter into coma, making me realize how bad my daughter’s condition was that time. I was briefed by the doctors about how to manage her diet and one of the highlighted vegetable is Malunggay. We are already on our third day at the hospital and we are still waiting for my daughter’s blood sugar level to stabilize below 300, a pre-requisite for our dismissal from the hospital.   I am a regular user of Life Oil, a pure malunggay oil extract.  Knowing its potency, I did not hesitate to give her two capsules. Amazingly, through the combined efforts of medical attention, my daughter’s blood sugar stabilized at 283. We were given the go signal to leave the hospital. She is currently taking insulin regularly and Life Oil as her food supplement.

- Beatriz Argoso, Manila


I am generally healthy and fit for my age of 62. I eat the right food and exercise regularly. I am consciously trying to control my blood sugar level as I am already on the high borderline. I took Life Oil capsules knowing that it is the most potent form of Malunggay. I noticed that after taking Life Oil for about a month, my blood sugar has dropped significantly. I have been taking Life Oil regularly since March 2011. To this time, my blood sugar is already normal plus a long time lump on my chest slowly softened and now has completely flattened.

- Rene Sta. Cruz, 62, Quezon City        


I am a diabetic and taking Malungai Life Oil for two (2) weeks now. I feel better and I can sleep well now.  

- Clarinda Tulio, 61, Government employee, Bulacan


I am suffering with diabetes since 45 years old. After 20 years, I'm being injected with insulin. My sugar sometimes reach up to 600 sugar level and my sight is already blurred. After two months of using Life Oil, two capsules in the morning before eating and two capsules one-hour before sleeping my sugar level has decrease tremendously to a normal level. Thanks to God for giving me Life Oil.

-Benjamin N. Figueroa, 66, Businessman and Farmer


These are the benefits of Malungai Life Oil to my health: lesser body pains, numbness eased out, not dry skin anymore, controlled blood sugar, lessened varicose veins, used as moisturizer-facelifted everyday, no more hair fall, lightened skin pigmentation, no more heavy legs and body weakness.

-Nelia Fuentebella, 55, Consultant  


Diabetes and Hypertension

I am a 57 year old diabetic with hypertension and a heart problem. I have been taking Life Oil for about two weeks twice a day. I am feeling so much better now, being more active and not experiencing sluggishness during afternoon.  I was immediately relieved of my constipation and sleeping disorder during the first 3 days of taking Life Oil twice a day. I will have my blood chemical analysis this end of the month to check my blood sugar.

- Cleopatra Bernardo, Montalban


Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol 

My 70-year old mom has been taking Malungai Life Oil for almost two years now and happily her tests on cholesterol, sugar and hypertension have been normal. Thank you Manila Nature's for Malungai Life Oil!

- Gerosara (Youtube account name)


Diabetes, Sore Throat and Allergy

My wife, Glenda, and I have been users of Life Oil for two weeks now. We felt relieved that it helps lower my wife's blood sugar and I was also relieved from sore throat and allergy. I can help not only my family but also my friends and neighbors who have health problems. That's why I am interested to be distributor of this product.

- Miguel Mendenilla, 56, Bank Employee, Bacoor Cavite   


High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

I invited my father to take Life Oil, and now there is a dramatic decrease in his blood pressure and blood sugar. This food supplement is really great.

- Dodon Barlisan Madrono



Effective po kasi talaga ang Life Oil. Gumanda ang hemoglobin ko pati nga hypertension ko normal na. Kagaya ng hemoglobin ko na talagang nag normal na dahil sa Life Oil. Gradually talaga nagiging maayos ang katawan ko. 11 months pa lang ako umiinom pero malaki na ang effect nito sa akin. Kaya nga kinumbinse ko na ang mga parents ko, mga kapatid at friends ko po. Now they are taking it as daily supplement.

- Eleina Pacia Bisencio, Qatar



I use to suffer from hyperacidity, leg cramps, loss of appetite, and difficulty in urinating. I did not hesitate to try Life Oil because I am a malunggay believer and Life Oil as a pure extract is definitely the most potent form. I am now spared of all those difficulties after taking Life Oil. I am sharing this testimonial so I may encourage others to just try this very effective product.

- Sonie C. Gacay, 63, Quezon City


 I am already healed when I start taking the Life Oil. I just take it for supplements. I am in the process of reviving my health now which is free from acid. That's why I choose to take Life Oil. 

 - Floriza Piando Lerasan


I'm likewise taking Life Oil once a day for almost 3 months now and it controlled my hyperacidity.

- Danny Palomique


Mental Disorder

My son John Cyrus is suffering from a mental disorder brought by a severe convulsion when he was 3 years old. Since then, he became restless, irritable and could not get a good night’s sleep. After 3 days of mixing the Life Oil with his regular meals, his behavior has dramatically mellowed and he gets to have a good sleep every night. It helped me a lot as my son became so much easier to handle and he looks so much healthier now.

- Virgie Caspilan, Tanay, Rizal


Muscle Fatigue

I used to drink lots of energy drinks during my badminton games to extend my endurance.  Although I feel a boost of energy in the first 3 games, I experience muscle fatigue during my 4th and 5th games.  When I heard that caffeinated energy drinks can be bad for the nerves and the heart, I tried taking Life Oil 15 minutes before the game and just drink plain water during the game. I experienced energy, agility, and power all throughout the 8 games. I don’t experience the usual muscle fatigue and cramps even on the 7th or 8th game anymore.

- Ricky Manalo, 43, Makati City


Sore Throat

Sore throat is a usual occurrence when I have two consecutive late nights or whenever I drink cold beverages or eat ice cream. Recently, I tried biting the Life Oil capsule and swallowing the oil to let it pass my throat. I felt the immediate relief. It noticeably got rid of the soreness the following day. Heavy coughs and colds only take a 2-day treatment for me with a double dose Life Oil treatment.

- Joey Eral , 37, New Manila


I started Life Oil last June 2012, taking it a bedtime. I find myself more resistant to the common colds and have been hardly sick. What usually takes a sore throat to progress to infection requiring antibiotics now gets arrested in 2-3 days with just salt gargles. It really pays when one's immunity is strengthened and his is what Life Oil did. Thank you and more power.

- Sally Esteban Valdez



My 6-year-old son was in really bad condition when he was diagnosed with Dengue. His nose was bleeding and he was very weak, had cough and colds, and his blood platelet count was very low already. I was so scared of losing my son that time. Out of desperation and no access to medical attention, his uncle advised me to give him Life Oil (pure malunggay extract). We gave him two capsules in the morning, two at lunchtime and two in the evening. The recuperation of my son was so dramatic, his platelets went back to normal, and he was active and playful the following day.

- Caironisa M. Camid, Marawi City



Prince Jhunrey Bendijo was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors advised him to eat lots of fresh green vegetables to increase his hemoglobin. He tried many vegetable based food supplement but settled with Life Oil. He testified on Life Oil's potency as his hemoglobin slowly rose back to its normal level. He is currently busy as a voice teacher. He remained busy with work handling students and organizing event at the same time and Life Oil keeps him going and productive.

- Prince Jhunrey Bendijo, Manila


Chronic Respiratory Problem

Delma Bola is suffering with chronic upper respiratory problem.  Cough with phlegm is a regular health problem for her.  She even gets injected antibiotics when her respiratory problem is really bad.  She started taking Life Oil last October and she is now completely relieved of this respiratory problem.  

- Delma Bola, Angono Rizal



I like Life Oil with my arthritis.

- Imelda Nariz, 42, Taguig


Life Oil is good for arthritis. If you can't abstain from eating meat or protein- rich food, I suggest you take two capsules a day. In my case, at 45 years old, I am taking 3 times a day but without fasting from meat. This is what I have experienced from this wonderful product. Right now, I need not worry about going to parties or cooking food with meat. Maaasahan talaga.

- Dodon Barlisan Madrono


A few years back, I had been suffering from pains on my knee, back, shoulder and especially my hand that my fingers cannot move freely. I took medicine and other alternatives but it did not work. I tried Malungai Life Oil twice a day and after two weeks remarkably I felt no more pains and can function normally. I had a flu and took Malungai Life Oil thrice a day for two days and that made me feel strong and energetic rather than staying in bed for a week. Now, continuously taking my Malungai Life Oil twice a day as my food supplement and for my full protection. 

- Trina P. Reveldez, 69, Retired


High Blood Pressure

Since taking Life Oil regularly, my BP has been normal! :)

- Mariel Reno


Yes, I take malunggay Life Oil capsules. It's good for me especially as my cholesterol is too high. And my BP and blood sugar level are back in normal.  Thanks for that product. I like.

- Conchita Alvarado, 51, Government Employee


Ang galing nya! Bumaba na ang blood pressure ng Mrs. ko na uminom nang ilang araw pa lang. Sana magtuloy- tuloy na! Long live Life Oil. Mura pa. Para kang kumain ng kalahating kilong malunggay sa isang kapsula. The Best!

 - Genie Villota,


Skin Allergy

I give it to my five-year old daughter. Feeling ko parang nawawala 'yung mga skin allergies nya. After I watched Rated K, I cut the capsule with her Vitamin C kasi ayaw nya ng taste pero ngayon sanay na siya. 

- Marit Magno



I spent a couple of minutes for a phone interview at DZBB a while ago to testify for the benefits of Life Oil. It's been four months now since I began to take it as a daily supplement- before my blood level is low but after Mercury Drug ran out of stock of their usual malunggay capsule they recommended for me to try Life Oil. After taking it everyday, I didn't try other malunggay products anymore. I can't believe how much my health had become better for four months now. I became more active especially with my lifestyle which is very busy with business. My blood had regulated. My skin became reddish making me more beautiful and blooming. Thank you so much Life Oil. My health had become better. I pray that more Filipinos and citizens around the world can discover and try Life Oil because it is really a miracle product. 

 - Jane Hanika Basilio, 22, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Muntinlupa


I've been taking malunggay Life Oil for four months now. I am anemic before. I discovered Life Oil upon the recommendation of Pharmacist from a drug store. Upon taking it, I feel more energetic, my skin became reddish and moist making me blooming. Most of all, I am no longer anemic. My blood had circulize well until now. I take Life Oil once a day before sleeping. It suits my active and busy lifestyle- from having multiple business meeting every week to going to gym thrice a week. Life Oil also helped me achieve my desired weight. I can't miss a day without taking Life Oil. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much Life Oil! More power!

- Jane Hanika Basilio, 22, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Muntinlupa 


So far maganda ang effect ng Malungai Life Oil sa akin. For how many years ako dating nagte-take ng ferroglobin dahil palaging bumababa ang hemoglobin ko. Ngayon never ng bumaba ang hemoglobin at simula ng nagtake ako ng Life Oil umayos pati skin ko. Really proud po talaga.

- Elein Pacia Bisenio


Thypoid Fever

  Narinig ko sa radyo before ang Life Oil and I've tried it to my kids when they had thypoid fever. Mabilis ang recovery nila at hindi sila na- confine. Normally 'pag may thypoid fever ka pinapa- confine la..lalo na bata sila.  

 - Eric Lumibao



Dati madalas akong 'di makatulog at sinusumpong ng insomnia. Dahil dun, stress ako masyado pagdating ng kinaumagahan dahil sa sobrang puyat. Nung sinubukan ko last week na uminom ng Malungai Life Oil, mabilis na po akong nakatulog at 'di na po ako sinumpong ng insomnia. I take it every night bago po ako matulog. At napaka-effective po ng product ninyo. Salamat sa Malungai Life Oil. 

- Luis Simon   


I'm a mother of six, 38 years old, plain housewife. I can hardly sleep at night, I guess due to my stressful work at home and other problems. I took Life Oil for a week and I feel good.

- Naira Tm, 38, Housewife, Maguindanao 


I'm taking Malungai Life Oil for more than two weeks. Effective siya. Naging energetic ako at hindi nakakaramdam ng pagod sa work at masarap ang tulog ko sa gabi. Narecommend ko din ito sa mother ko dahil hindi siya makatulog.

- Lizzy Erta- Jerota  


Rhinitis and Dysmenorrhea

I'm a college student who is currently taking up Bachelor of Music, Major in Voice. I've had allergic rhinitis since I was in high school, and it never ceased to irritate my nasal cavity resulting in over use of tissue paper, over producing of bad resonance during singing, and a mild headache. When having my monthly period in the past, i would usually experience severe dysmenorrhea, which requires the use of pain reliever of the application of hot compress. But ever since I took Malungai Life Oil, I began to feel so much better. My rhinitis is not as bad as it used to be and now I am able to sing more freely. My dysmenorrrhea has absolutely vanished, and my monthly period has been regularized. 

-Samantha Marie R. Enderes, 22, College student


Migraine and Constipation 

Ako po ay isang fish vendor sa Aranda market, Makati. Sa trabahong kong ito, bukod sa pagtitinda sa araw, ako rin ang namimili ng mga isda tuwing gabi na umaabot hanggang madaling- araw. Sa sobrang pagod at puyat, madalas ay sumasakit ang aking ulo ng matindi na hindi basta nawawala kahit na inuman ko pa ng gamot. Pero magmula nung inumin ko itong Life Oil, malaki ang iginanda ng aking pakiramdam. Hindi na ako sinusumpong ng matinding sakit ng ulo at hindi rin ako madaling mapagod. Naalis rin ang pananakit ng aking mga tuhod. Malaki ang naitutulong sa akin ng Life Oil para makapagtrabaho ako ng maayos araw-araw na walang inaalala sa aking kalusugan.

-Corazon Samson, 52, Fish vendor



I started taking Life Oil last March 2012 because I wanted a cure for my headache. I've been suffering with headache for 13 years now. I got to know Life Oil from my Ninong. At first, I underestimated Life Oil because malunggay is a common vegetable in our town. But nonetheless I took Life Oil three capsules a day, amazingly after five days, my headache was gone. It's really a miracle plant. I also take it for added stamina specially as my work involves traveling.

-Reuben Lyramon, 49, Businessman


Irregular Menstruation 

Maganda ang naitulong sa akin ng malungai. Dahil sa work hindi ko namalayan na hindi na pala ako dinadatnan ng menstruation ko for seven months. Natakot ako dahil baka kung ano ang puwede maidulot nito sa akin. Ayoko rin magpa- check-up sa Doktor dahil ayoko malaman ang puwede kong maging sakit. Mabuti na lang at na-i-share ito sa akin ni Ma'am Wena-our School Administrator- na bumili at uminom ako. Salamat sa Diyos within two weeks, two times a day, dumating ang menstruation ko at sobrang lakas. Almost two weeks din ito bago natapos. Lumabas din ang mga buong dugo. Guminhawa ang pakiramdam ko at alam ko na magiging malusog at ligtas ako sa anumang sakit dahil sa Malungai. 

- Hedita M. Velchez, 45, Head Teacher 


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) 

Ako si Bernadette V. Birosel, isang teacher mula sa Gen.Trias, Cavite. Ako ay laging nagkakaroon ng UTI every twice a year. Magsisimula ang sintomas na ito kapag ako'y binabalisawsaw na. Lagi akong nagpapa- check-up at binibigyan ng pampalunas na gamot ng aking Doktor. Nitong Nobyembre ay sinumpong na naman ang aking UTI, ayoko ng uminom ng antibiotic, sabi ko, iinom na lang ako ng buko juice at madaming tubig. Nang maialok sa akin ng boss ko ang Malungai Life Oil ay aking sinubukan. Three times a day ko ito iniinom, tinigil ko ang pag-inom ng buko juice. Isang linggo mahigit ay nawala na pananakit ng aking balakang at pag-ihi. Itinuloy ko ito hanggang tatlong linggo, salamat at nagtuloy- tuloy na paggaling ko. Sa ngayon ay once a day na lang ako umiinom ng Malungai Life Oil.  

-Bernadette V. Birosel, 39, Teacher



A box of Malungai Life Oil capsule was given to me by a close friend upon learning that my 25-year-old daughter was suffering from psoriasis since 2004. She told me to just try it for my daughter and see if it works. Prior to taking these capsules, I already brought her to several dermatologists and was advised and prescribed all kinds of medicines recommended to cure psoriasis which includes skin antibiotics, sulphur soap, metotrexate, dermacreams, etcetera. Unfortunately, it didn't help my daughter's condition. Skin discoloration, red spots, scaly plaques on the scalp, arms and legs got severe and worst the continuity of taking these potent medicines could dangerously affect some of her vital organs. After three days of taking Malungai Life Oil, my daughter's skin on her arms and legs got noticeably clearer and better, the swollen spots flattened. The pressure and stress on her present job as a call center agent could worsen her medical condition, but because of Malungai Life Oil, her life gets better, happier and healthier.  

-Malou I. Roxas, 50, Human Resource Management Officer, OCA- Supreme Court (daughter Alexis Grace Roxas)


Bradycardic, Chronic Back Pain, Hypertension 

I am inflicted with colon problem and suffering chronic back pain due to an accident I incured at the hotel I'm working. Sad to say I'm allergic to all pain reliever, all I can take is Biogesic. Imagine the burden to my work and daily activities. Before I used to boil malunggay leaves while I find so tedious to do considering my schedules. Luckily, i had a chance to know this product through the net. I tried it and it worked. I saved time, money and effort taking this product. What is good about it is I can really say NO now to the pacemaker my cardiologist is recommending to prevent unforseen collapsing which is frequent in my bradycardia.

-Marivic de Asis, Accountant


More Love for Life Oil

I love this product!

- Florante Madrono, 44, Farmer/ Businessman, Misamis Oriental


Thanks for Life Oil!

- Aldwin Baniqued, 36, TV Engineering crew, Quezon City          


Nice product! It heals many! May this miraculous discovery be the pride of this generation in regenerating and enhancing lives of many!

- Tintin Reyes, Caloocan/ Pangasinan


I went to Megamall last Saturday and I tried your product. I find it good for my body and I'm amazed by its effect even after just two days of taking it. I will continue taking it.

- Wilfredo Talisayon, 53, Real Estate Salesperson, Quezon City


I'm now a user of Life Oil. I do believe in this product.

- Edward Cacho, 35, Bank Employee, Makati City


I have been taking Life Oil in the past three months. I would like to buy personally from your company and share it with friends.

- Jane Hanika Basilio, 22, Licensed Real Estate Banker, Muntinlupa City


 I love Life Oil for my health.

- Nene Galanida, 43, Private Employee, Makati City


Life-changing ang Life Oil. Really a great instrument by God to heal my sickness. God bless Life Oil and all the staff. 

- Prince Jhunrey Bendijo, 27, Professional Voice Coach, Antipolo City, Rizal


I believe in Life Oil. 

- Ruel Paras, 42, Batangas City


Naniniwala ako sa galing ng Life Oil. Marami ang gustong uminom.

- Donna Santiago


Life Oil is popular now. More power po.

- Louie Arevalo       


I am a user of Life Oil for the past month. When I started using it, I decided to leave the other (vitamin). Just remember that Life Oil is a fully packed food supplement. Almost everything is there.


Hello! I am now a two-month user of Life Oil. I experience great changes in my body condition. The gel is quite potent that you can really feel the difference. Have a try.


Take now the so-called food basket supplement. It's the most nutritious extract ever. I've tried it. No question, the best ever.


Malungai (Life Oil) will prolong your life!


The Life Oil story in our family has brought dramatic change in our daily tasks. I couldn't believe that this kind of food supplement would bring success in our lives.


A very potent food supplement in the market today.


Life Oil can make your skin smooth. It helps repair damaged cells and tissues in our body. I tried it myself, my white hairs are gone.


- Dodon Barlisan Madrono



- Querubin Bambasi


I did feel better when I first took the Life Oil. I'm religiously taking it already.

- Naej Ettezus


Pure malungai at its best!

 - Jed Enerio



 - Joe Lynn Milligan


I am working in Kuwait and used to eat malunggay as part of my diet when I lived in the Philippines. We have a very limited availability of fresh leaves and when I saw the post on my FB page about Life Oil, I started doing a little research on your product. My conclusion was I got to get me some of this stuff!!! I'm sure there are a lot of people out there, who are not in the Philippines who could use your product. So I felt best to share it.

 - Kevin Lynch


My eldest son and I take capsule a day of Life Oil as our food supplement. It is great!!!

-Maria Lourdes R. Tatlonghari


I started taking Life Oil this January (2012) and this has really added strength in me as I face every day’s work. Thanks Life Oil.


Good morning Life Oil. Thanks for the energy this morning! Got so many things and activities on a Sunday! But to have you with me, I know I can make it. 


Life Oil, thank you so much for the energy you are providing me everyday!


I asked my mother to take Life Oil capsule before sleeping kasi nagkaubo siya. Guess what? Nagustuhan niya, nahiyang sa kanya and nawala ang ubo niya. Thanks Life Oil! You are really heaven- sent! :)

  - Agnes Matawaran


Thank you so much for this wonderful product that we have there in the Philippines. I believe Life Oil is real and I can see the big difference in my body now since I took the first 10 capsules. And I'm recommending it here in Kuwait to my friends and our churchmates. I hope and pray that I can be a legal distributor here in Kuwait. Please help me start up a business here because I believe many people here can be helped especially the Kuwaitis who need it because, according the survey here, diabetes and lung cancer are the top causes of death. Thank you so much. I will always pray and always recommend and support this miraculous product we have there in the Philippines. More blessings to this company and to the planters of malungai trees!

- Merla Coronel, 40, Assistant Teacher, Kuwait


Life Oil. Fountain of youth. 

 - Perfecto Jr. Hebron, 50, Technical Representative, Misamis Oriental 


I have been using Life Oil for a month now and I have noticed significant changes in my wellness and health. It's good we have Life Oil. 

 - Gillegao Dee


Hello there! I found Life Oil very beneficial and it did help my mom get well. I have family members and friends seeking alternative solutions for their health issues and I would like to introduce this product to them. I believe that this would be a big help to them. Thank you and more power!

 - Krisanthy Abbigail Cabanilla, 31, Office Manager, California, USA


I am taking Life Oil capsule and I feel good now. Thank you from Saudi Arabia.

- Jojo R. Buenaflor, Project Coordinator, Saudi Arabia


I would like to be a distributor of Life Oil. I have been using it and am having amazing health benefits. Thank you very much.

- Frank Carillo, 53, Home Business Owner, Hawaii, USA


Please send me more info/details about where can I buy or how I can become a dealer of this wonderful amazing powerful product outside the Philippines. This can be my chance to start a new business that can help mankind have a healthy long life.

 - Joseph Vergara, 48, OFW, Netherlands


I'm an OFW in Singapore with the intention to be a distributor of this wonder product overseas.

 - Jenevieve Soria, Singapore



- Samillano Honeybelle 


You have a great product. I started taking it last week but results are immediate. 

 - Nimfa Doroteo Camua


I love your product since the first time I've tried it in the real life fun run. A must bring during long runs. 

 - Jsin Starks


Ang galing po ng Life Oil. Makakatulong po sa lahat ng Pilipino na mahihirap na may sakit. Maraming salamat po sa produktong napaka EPEKTIBO. 

 - Jerome Ayson Lagunsad 


Life Oil is my best choice for second wind in running (2nd choice of energy).

-Jsin Starks 



I'm glad to know about this product malunggay Life Oil cause I can help those people who is suffering from different illnesses especially to my family and relatives. Thank you for producing your product. 

-Mila Cabanez, 41, Direct Seller, Bukidnon  


I believe in the power of Malungai Life Oil. I hope that everyone would see how great it is. 

 -Gelly Pacasio, 35, Pharmacist, Zambales


I have tried Malungai Life Oil na iniwan sa akin ng sis ko at pinsan ko from US and it helps me a lot to improve my health.

 -Oriel Advincula, 44, Laguna 


I tried using Life Oil and I find it effective. 

 -Marie Rimando, 43, Teacher, La Union 


 Congratulations to the people behind the success of Malungai Life Oil. 

 -Rafael Marinas, USA 


Hi. I've been using your product for quite sometime now and it's really good. 

 -Kai Tansing, 26, Branch Manager, Misamis Oriental


I'm a new user of Malungai Oil of Life. I intend to use it continuously knowing its many health benefits. 

 -Victor Ariem, 54, Retired soldier, Taguig City


I am already taking Life Oil and it's really effective. 

 -Nieves Mortera, 54, Property Consultant, Marikina City


Why wait to get sick? The best investment is health. To keep being healthy is just like being wealthy. Because sickness and hospitalization will take away your wealth. So start taking Malungai Life Oil now. Mabuhay sa Malungai!  

 -Dodie Remonte


Dear Life Oil,

Thank you for this kind of antioxidant, I find it very healthful to my everyday life. I started using this January this year and since then am always on the go and feel energetic. I need this. As a single parent I avoid myself to get sick because my kids are dependent on me. I work hard for them and this is my partner in health. And of course I thank God who gives me wisdom to know the best for me. So I keep on thanking God for His wonderful creation in giving us malunggay leaves and tree for our good health. God bless Life Oil.

- Cristina Alejan Valiente  

My kids and me is loyal user of Life Oil. I am confident that my teenagers has the best supplement everyday.
- Ching Pardines Zurita
Thank God for this wonderful miracle in a capsule. All that is needed for a healthy body.
- Mariel Reno