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Malungai Life Oil the pure power of Mother Nature

Malungai Oil’s health benefits

By: Marlet D. Salazar
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle

Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) has been transformed into different types of products because of its many health benefits.  Several studies here and abroad have shown that malunggay offers nutrients at bigger portions compared with other fruits and vegetables.  Because of this, many enterprising individuals have delved into creating products from food to oil to beauty products.

“Researches and studies around the world reveal that malunggay contains seven times more Vitamin C than oranges and other vegetables, “said Dr. Marthony Basco. “It has four times more Vitamin A than carrots and three times more potassium than bananas. This is not to say, though, to ditch fruits and vegetables in your diet, “warned Dr. Basco.

The Philippines’ Food and Nutrition Research Institute-Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) did their own study in the many health benefits of malunggay. Malunggay, according to FNRI_DOST, can be used as “food, feeds, medicine, dye oil, water purifier, hedge, fertilizer, pesticide, rope, soft wood, and even live trellis.”

All parts of the tree are edible, In the Philippines, the leaves are used for soups especially for lactating mothers because it is believed that malunggay can help increase the supply of breast milk.  The leaves can also be dried and crushed into powder to become a food additive.  This may be helpful to children who just cannot eat their veggies.  Malunggay “pods taste like asparagus when tender.  Young and mature seeds are (also) edible.  The thick, soft roots are used as a substitute for horseradish, “the DOST study says.

In some countries, especially in Asia where malunggay is endemic, the leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and seeds are used in traditional or alternative medicine.  But it would have to take tons of malunggay to achieve its natural effect. “It is used to treat rheumatism, venomous bites, and stomach disorders.”

Dr. Basco, a pediatrician and health advocate, said that there have been undocumented testimonies of the benefits of malunggay.  Scientific studies have been conducted to prove these claims. The FNRI has been conducting seminars in the country to promote the regular consumption of malunggay.  The government body is concerned of the increasing low intake of vegetables by Filipinos which leads to low micronutrients intake in the body.

Compared with the other food supplements, Malunggay Life Oil (MLO) is able to preserve chlorophyll found in malunggay.  The process of converting MLO into capsule form was developed by Manila Nature’s Link Corp. in such a way that no part of the malunggay tree goes to waste; it was made sure that the vitamins and minerals the tree contains are preserved.

The fact that malunggay seeds yield 38-40 percent edible oil makes it a lot easier to convert it to capsule form.  “The refined oil is clear, odorless, and most important, stable.”

Malunggay is also said to help in the treatment of digestive disorders like colitis or inflammation of the colon, diarrhea, and ulcer or gastritis. This “phenomenal tree” contains fiber that cleanses the colon and lubricates the intestine making for easy food digestion.  The amino acid it contains helps prevent fat build up in the liver while boosting the digestive system.

The moringa seed extract is also used for the treatment of skin diseases.  It has Vitamin E and antioxidant that help in preventing skin cancer.  Malunggay has components that work as antiseptic and has a strong inflammatory agent used for skin diseases.

Malunggay, even with all the other products available in the market today, still has a lot of potential that needs to be explored.  With its somewhat feeble appearance, malunggay’s effectiveness and healing components make it a phenomenal tree.

Malunggay has shown its versatility and many people have attested to its effectiveness.  And with the way the healthcare landscape in the country is going, where individuals opt for something natural, malunggay’s potential is still being explored and health-conscious individuals still have something to look forward to.

Malungai Life Oil is available at Watsons and Mercury Drug outlets, South Star Drug, Century Chinese Drug Stores (SM Malls), Emmaflor, Shopwise, Rustan’s, and Farmacia Peralta.  It is manufactured by Manila Nature’s Link Corp., Unit 1606 Orient Square Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Call 474-2499 or log on to  For a free sample of Malungai Life Oil, text LIFEOIL and send to 2600.

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so are you saying that malunggay oil extracted from its seeds can be used as an alternative for a cooking oil????
Tuesday 4 June 2013, 12:38 am